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65 badgers vaccinated this year - and counting!

Thursday 10th August 2017

Badger, Andrew Mason

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust hit a milestone last week, as we have now vaccinated 65 badgers since resuming our campaign.

A key factor in our badger vaccination boost has been the amount of volunteers who have come forward. We currently have over 80 volunteers willing to help with badger vaccination and this number continues to increase. With the cull widening across the country the Wildlife Trusts argue that increasing vaccination of badgers and not shooting them is the answer. Vaccinations will continue throughout this summer and into the autumn.

Karen Hinkley recently asked us to vaccinate on her land in Ashover. She is a local farmer who keeps sheep and a few cows, and thanks to her cooperation we vaccinated five adults and three cubs there last week. She says “I am absolutely delighted that Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has recently vaccinated the badgers on my farm. Over the last twelve months, the badger group’s dedicated volunteers put in an immense amount of hard work, often battling through jungle like undergrowth, surveying all areas to locate the setts in preparation for baiting and trapping”.


Karen goes on to say “I have always enjoyed seeing badgers quietly going about their business in my garden and in the fields and woods during the thirty-something years I have lived here. I feel privileged to live near these unassuming but enchanting creatures. They have lived alongside my herd of traditional Hereford cattle which have never had a positive TB test. Badgers do not deserve persecution. I hope that the vaccination programme will prevent the culling zone extending into Derbyshire and protect these wonderful animals from harm”.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Tim Birch points out "Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is leading the way in showing vaccination of badgers to be a better solution than shooting badgers in helping deal with bovine TB in cattle. It is a lot cheaper to vaccinate badgers and also does not need expensive police operations to implement. We will continue to roll out our vaccination programme across Derbyshire and are very keen to hear from landowners interested in vaccinating their badgers."