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Rescued hedgehogs back in the wild

Wednesday 9th August 2017

The hedgehogs rescued by Debbie Bailey have been successfully released back into the wild.

The two male hedgehogs who were found abandoned  earlier this summer have been released into the wild. 'Ant and Dec' weighed just 75g when they were found, and our badger vaccination coordinator Debbie Bailey fed them every four hours for the first three weeks.

It was a very tiring process for Debbie and her team, especially as they were out vaccinating badgers at the time. The second phase was to build an outside pen, which had a hog house inside the pen with compost in one corner, with leaves and foliage out of the garden to get them used to foraging. At seven weeks old they weighed 375g, and at nine weeks Ant weighed 750g and Dec 675g. For hibernation in November they need to weigh 650g, so they were well on their way!

Debbie decided to release them in a lovely hog friendly garden a few houses away from were they were found. Ant and Dec have a small amount of blue nail varnish on their spines at the back so we can tell who they are. They were fed every night for two weeks and they have been seen on several occasions. Debbie placed a trail camera up, so we can hopefully see what they've been up to in their new home.

A new life in the wild for the boys!