Miller's Dale Walk

Take a stroll with us

Take a walk with us around the beautiful Priestcliffe Lees Nature Reserve

This is a circular walk of 2.5 miles ( 4 km )which starts at Millers Dale station and will take about an hour and a half.

The walk involves a steep climb but the views from the top are wonderful. If you follow this route in the summer you will be rewarded with the chance to see a huge variety of limestone loving flowers in bloom.

To find the route walk from Millers Dale station along the Monsal trail towards Bakewell for just over half a mile until you find a post with a picture of a bee on a flower and a red band around it. Follow the posts and arrows up to the top of the hill through Priestcliffe Nature reserve and then back down the hill onto the Monsal trail.

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Priestcliffe Lees Nature Reserve