Grow Don't Mow

Grow Don't Mow

(C) Cheryl Burns

There are roughly 24 million gardens in the UK!
Let your grass grow and make a Wildlife Haven
Pardon the weeds, we're feeding the bees!
What will your find?

Help the wildlife on your doorstep by locking away your mower and let the grass grow between your toes with our #growdontmow campaign!

Want to help Wildlife, save time and enjoy visits from bees, butterflies, hedgehogs and all sorts of wonderful wildlife in your own gardens?

Take part in our #growdontmow challenge!

Your challenge can be large or small!  Either turn a small patch or the whole garden wild - it is up to you!  All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Mini garden challenge

The mini #growdontmow garden challenge is for those who want to invite a little bit of wild into their life’s. 

Step 1. Pick a patch in your garden – you chose the size. 

Step 2. Leave it and let the grass grow….easy! 

Step 3. Enjoy your mini wild patch and discover what grows and see who comes to visit .

Full wild back garden challenge 

Feeling brave, fancy a mini meadow in your back yard? 

Take part in the full wild back yard #growdontmow challenge 

Step 1. Leave your grass to grow for a minimum of 4 weeks, the perhaps cut a bit back and start again. 

Step 2. Watch your garden transform and brim with wildlife 

Step 3. Inspire others by sharing on social (tag)

*Please share your patch on social #growdontmow​ and inspire other to take the challenge and if you register your wild patch and send us a photo we’ll send you a free copy of our fun guide to Wildlife Gardening.

Receive your free wildflower seeds and put yourself on the map by sending us your before and after garden photos and your postal address.

Send us your photos

Take at our wild gardens submitted so far on the map below!

Switch on/off layers


Wild Gardens

Tell your neighbours all about it!  Download our free signs to inspire others to follow your lead and help to feed our bees.

Click on the image to download our signs.

The great thing about this challenge is it not only benefits wildlife but it benefits you too!

Leaving your grass to grow isn’t just good for wildlife, its good for us too. Creating a better connection with nature has been shown to improve our health and wellbeing so each week, instead of mowing your lawn, why not spend that time connecting with nature instead?

Take a look at our free downloadable booklets below and help the wildlife in your backyard.

Help the bees

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Bring back our beetles

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Soldier beetle on buttercup, Kieron Huston