Frequently Asked Questions

About Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Volunteers give their time and skills to help the trust achieve its objectives of defending wildlife and restoring landscapes across the county.  They are one of our most valuable resources and their partnership with staff accomplishes much more in Derbyshire than either could manage alone.  Volunteers bring a wide variety of skills, expertise and experience that is complemented by their enthusiasm for, and commitment to, wildlife.

We were established in 1962 by volunteers and for many years there were no paid staff.  The thriving organisation of today would not exist without those far sighted volunteers.  Today there are Derbyshire Wildlife Trust volunteers all over the county helping to protect wildlife for the future.

Do you need prior experience to become a volunteer?

No. We encourage one and all from all walks of life, with a variety of life experiences, to become involved in our work. Some roles do require specific skills or experience but most allow you to learn as you go along, after receiving appropriate on the job training and guidance from a staff member or experienced volunteer. For regular volunteers and for more involved roles, we aim to make formal training available as and when it is needed.

How much time do I need to commit?

You decide how much time you wish to give Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Some people are able to volunteer every week whereas some are only available to volunteer once a month or a few times every year.  Some roles do require a more solid commitment than others – if this is the case, it will be discussed with you before you start volunteering. At the end of the day it is totally up to you!

How volunteers help us

You might think that you don’t have the time or skills to volunteer with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust but our volunteers come from many backgrounds and are involved in a wide range of tasks. There’s no minimum time commitment and when you help can be very flexible. Role descriptions are available on the website to give you a better idea of the tasks required.

So why volunteer for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust?

Be part of The Wildlife Trusts, the national voice of the 47 county Wildlife Trusts and 50 urban Wildlife Groups.  That means joining forces with over 65,000 volunteers, 300,000 members and 700 staff all working together locally and nationally to create a better future for wildlife.

  • Use your skills and knowledge to benefit wildlife
  • Be actively involved in protecting wildlife for the future in Derbyshire
  • Make new friends
  • Acquire new or improve existing skills
  • Be part of a team, helping build confidence and develop social skills
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Keep fit and active – volunteering outdoors is a good alternative to the gym
  • Share your enthusiasm for wildlife with others
  • Learn more about Derbyshire’s fascinating wildlife
  • Enjoy the beautiful Derbyshire countryside

What you can expect from us

  • A clear brief about what you will be doing and what will be expected of you
  • Agreement on how long the task will last and how often it will happen
  • Training to undertake the task if necessary
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • Regular and constructive feedback on your voluntary work
  • The opportunity to discuss your ideas
  • Information about other opportunities for volunteering as they arise
  • Recognition of your time and skills with annual social events
  • Thanks for your time and effort
  • Sometimes even biscuits

What Derbyshire Wildlife Trust will expect from you

  • That you will reliably carry out the task(s) at the time(s) and location agreed
  • That you follow the guidelines that we have agreed with you for your work
  • That you will ask for advice or support if needed
  • That you will follow our Health and Safety guidelines
  • That you understand that sometimes tasks will change or come to an end
  • That you will act in the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s best interest, as an ambassador for wildlife
  • That you will follow our Code of Conduct

Will I receive an induction?

Yes. All new volunteers will be given an induction relevant to their area of work. All inductions are designed to be informal whilst still covering the essentials and volunteers may want to make a list of any questions that are particularly important to them to ensure all areas of volunteering for the Trust are covered.

Can I claim expenses?

We will pay out of pocket travel expenses to volunteers that either use their own vehicles or public transport, depending on funding available.  At present this is capped at 25p per mile when you use your own vehicle or else standard public transport rates.

If you are using your own vehicle for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust business then you will need to check with your insurance company to see if you require extra cover (i.e. travelling to and from your regular location of volunteering and in connection with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s business). 

Claim forms are available from the head office or to download from our website.

What will I be doing?

All tasks undertaken by volunteers at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust should have a written description of what is involved. This will cover areas such as location and times of work, specific tasks and who will help you with them. Your team leader will go through this description with you at your induction and make sure you are happy with all that the role involves. At this point, any training you may need to carry out the task will be identified.

What happens next?

Please look at the role descriptions available on our website.

Once you have decided on the role that is right for you, contact . We will then pass your information to a member of staff who will be in touch to arrange your induction and start date with us.