Feel the Buzz is an initiative radiating out across Derbyshire to encourage everyone to get involved, do something for bees and raise some funds to help Derbyshire Wildlife Trust do even more.

Our innovative Buzz Box allows you to help. For a donation of just £5 we will send you a box full of goodies including: 

• a packet of wildflower seeds
• a wildflower I-Spy book
• a bee themed game
• a bee ID chart
• information about bees and their plight
• some fundraising ideas


Help us to grow 1 million flowers for Derbyshire's bees and Feel the Buzz

Visit our shop to get your Buzz Box now!

Why are bees in trouble?

• Loss of habitat including wildflower meadows and gardens has meant that 20 bee species in Britain have become extinct and more will follow if we don’t do something
• Honey bees are suffering due to the Varroa mite which causes colonies to collapse
• Use of pesticides which have entered the food chain are incredibly harmful to bees disrupting their ability to gather pollen, return to their hives and reproduce
Help us grow 1 million flowers for Derbyshire’s bees and Feel the Buzz!
97% of our wildflower meadows have gone since the 1930s

How can you get buzzing?

Five easy things you can do:

1. Buy a Buzz Box and plant your seeds to create a mini meadow full of flowers and food for the bees. Let us know how you get on!
2. Don’t use any pesticides in your garden, keep it healthy and bee friendly
3. Contact your local MP and tell them you are concerned for the future of bees
4. Report the bees you see on our website 
5. Take up the fundraising challenge – see our fundraising tips postcard inside the Buzz Box

With your help Derbyshire Wildlife Trust will:

• Work to restore grasslands across the county to provide pollen for the bees
• Run training programmes to help people identify bees and other pollinators
• Encourage all landowners to set aside areas for wild flowers and get them buzzing
• Enhance links with national organisations including the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Buglife, Plantlife and Friends of the Earth – they all support Feel the Buzz and have their own powerful campaigns