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As a charity we need your help to protect Derbyshire's wildlife and wild spaces, to ensure they remain special for everyone.

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One-off donations to our projects are hugely important and help us to undertake essential work to save vulnerable local species, protect special landscapes, speak out on major environmental issues affecting Derbyshire and inspire the next generation to love nature.

Your gift will make a really big difference and help us to secure a much better future for nature in Derbyshire.

Tree heart, Matthew Roberts

Tree heart, Matthew Roberts 

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If you give already - thank you. Your donation is really helping to protect Derbyshire's wildlife and wild spaces. But we need to do so much more. 

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There are so many other ways you can give - support us by becoming a member, give your time by volunteering or run your own event and do a bake sale, sponsored run, bike ride or even a sponsored silence! 

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Together we achieve some pretty amazing things...

And we wanted to take the time to show you some of them, and, most importantly, say thank you for your help. 

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Gift Aid Declaration

You have probably heard that the Government has recently made it easier for charities to reclaim income tax from the Inland Revenue.

By agreeing, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust can reclaim the tax on your subscriptions and donations made to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Your subscription/donation will then be worth almost one third more to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, at no extra cost to you.

Although there is now no minimum amount for Gift Aid donations and subscriptions, to be eligible for Gift Aid you must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations (currently 25p on every £1 you give). Please do consider doing this - it really makes an enormous difference.

The Wildlife Trusts believe that people are part of nature; everything we value ultimately comes from it and everything we do impacts upon it.
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