Woodside Festival


THE festival for live music, art, wild activities, good food and drink; all in support of local wildlife.



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Key Stage 3+

Amber Trust practical management, DWTAmber Trust practical management, DWT

Developed with Key Stage 3 to A-level syllabus requirements in mind, our programmes offer a complete package.

Please get in touch for full details of our activities for secondary schools.

Geography: Water Management and Sustainable Tourism

Topics covered include:

  • Management of water resources
  • Development of leisure and recreation tourism
  • Investigating sustainable tourism
  • Land use conflicts
  • Hydrological cycle
  • Map skills

Biology: Investigating Ecosystems

Using a variety of sampling techniques including quadrats, transects, random sampling and mark, release and recapture, students will collect data to enable statistical tests - Chi squared and Spearmans rank.