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Wildlife Watch

Badger cub, James ButlerBadger cub, James Butler

Are you between 8 and 15? Do you love wildlife and being outside? Do you want to learn more about nature and the countryside? Wildlife Watch is the club for you!

Wildlife Watch is the junior membership branch of The Wildlife Trusts. You can join for just £17 a year. Your money will help us look after wildlife and wild places near you.

What you get

With Wildlife Watch you'll get loads of goodies - when you join you get a pack with badges, stickers and a pocket guide. You'll also get regular magazines full of wildlife stories, craft activities for you to try and lots more. There are also lots of fantastic online resources for you to download and get involved with.

One way of getting involved is to take part in the Wildlife Watch Awards. Watch member Edward Champness attended a small mammal course at Carsington Water. He wrote this excellent report for the newshound part of his award.

Watch Groups

There are five Watch Groups in Derbyshire where you can join other children for games and outdoor activities about nature and the environment.

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Visit the national Wildlife Watch website: