Spring Bank Holiday 2021 Sightings

Spring Bank Holiday 2021 Sightings

Your sightings over the Spring Bank Holiday Weekend 2021

Hopefully you managed to get out and about and enjoy the great weather we had over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend and saw some great wildlife. Or maybe you had sightings at home like Joanne Billingham and Pip Jones who both saw hedgehogs in their gardens.

If you want to encourage hedgehogs to spend some time in your garden you could do so by installing a hedgehog highway by creating a hole in your fence or a gap underneath it big enough for them to get through. You could even encourage your neighbours to do the same and give the hedgehogs even more gardens to explore.

Once your local hedgehogs can get into your garden you could then provide them with some food to supplement their natural diet such as specialist hedgehog food or wet dog or cat food. But don’t forget to put out a dish of water too! After all that exploring and eating your visitors will want somewhere to take a nap so you could provide them with a home by DIYing it or buying one.

For more information on how you can help hedgehogs see the links below.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust – Helping hedgehogs: https://www.derbyshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/helping-hedgehogs

Hedgehog Street - Help hedgehogs in your neighbourhood: https://www.hedgehogstreet.org/help-hedgehogs/


Thanks to Joanne Billingham and Pip Jones.


(C) Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography