Sightings at Witches Oak Water

Colin Baxter fills us in on the latest sightings.

The plan to walk the reserve today was sadly curtailed, as the heavy rain of the last week had caused the river to rise sharply this morning, flowing strongly into the lake system. I did, however, manage to take a look from one viewpoint near the entrance.

Although the gravel bank favoured for roosting by many birds was completely under water and the line of posts by it largely submerged, the birds evident suggested that a longer visit would have been worthwhile. Some of the water birds are starting to form groups, with 22 Tufted Duck and 12 Coots together. On the water also were a pair of Great Crested Grebes and a pair of Gadwall, while in the margins, two Grey Herons roosted. Three Cormorants, a Common Tern and a Buzzard flew overhead, whilst in the hedgerows 3 Whitethroat and a Green Woodpecker appeared. All in a few minutes!