Erewash Meadows sighting reported by Dave Sneap

Green Woodpecker is being heard regularly and a lone juvenile has been seen.

Starting with the waterfowl type species. The first Little Egret for a few months was seen for a couple of days from 21st July. The female Tufted Duck still had all 9 ducklings and since the increase of water levels all are now growing fast. Gadwall are also still rearing young with a recently hatched brood of 6 on 31st. The pair of Sparrowhawks are also busy bringing in prey with the young almost continually calling for food and more food etc. The only day with more than 1 or 2 swift sightings was the 29th when a few continual counts revealed about 30 each count. The time of the month that coincides with southerly movement or just a good hatch of suitable food isn't known of course. 
Green Woodpecker is being heard regularly and a lone Juvenile has been seen. Arguably the best bird at this time was a Yellow Wagtail on 29th that was busy feeding up before going to roost.
Butterfly Transect Count of the 21st = Small White 11. Green V White 6. Large White  4. Ringlet 4. Meadow Brown 10. Peacock 5. Small Copper 2. Small Skipper 2 and Gatekeeper 4.
Total = 9 sp &  48 insects