Down at Erewash Meadows....

The latest sightings down at Erewash Meadows.

Although a few early summer migrants have been here for 3 or 4 weeks, these being Chiffchaff, LRP & Blackcaps on 18th, 22nd & 23rd.March, in that order. Not until the 8th April did the next, Willow Warbler arrive. I the meantime numbers of Little Grebe increased, but a lone Great Crested departed after a week. The last days of March, into early April was brightened up by the regular sight of 3 Little Egrets. The majority of the Wigeon flock although fewer than early March departed on 19th and apart from 3 that decided to stay a little longer into April the remaining handful had gone before the end of March. A female Marsh Harrier ( SB )moved on virtually as soon as it was seen on 30th. A few regular waders are coming & going, but the only serious nesting is by Lapwings, with again an increase in numbers and at an early date.

Following the earliest migrants named above, Sand Martins & Swallows soon arrived with a Sand Martin on 24th & both on 31st, but only less than an handful. Better views & far smarter was a White Wagtail feeding with 3 Pieds on 26th. The best of the rest reported late afternoon on 2nd April was 2 Black-T Godwits, but gone the next morning and finally a welcome flock of probably 60+ Lesser Redpolls took a liking to the Birch Trees along the canal for 3 days during 7th- 9th.April.