Belper Sightings report by Jill Greenwood

Otter sighting in Belper!

OTTER!!!. We were driving out of Belper, & it ran straight across the road from right to left just before the bridge and then disappeared over a stone wall on our left. (Not quite sure of the time). Thank God we were going slowly due to wearing "L" plates. Never seen one in the "wild" before; pointy nose, long stout, low-lying body, short legs, long pointy tail, about the height of a cat but a longer & thicker, sturdier body, appeared brown /orange -(street lights). It moved in a purposeful, slightly undulating, flexible way which was particularly striking as it went up the wall & it was only by this time that we had worked out what it must be. AMAZING FANTASTIC, so heartening & on the day after Attenborough speaks at the UN climate summit on in Poland.