First Week of June 2021 Sightings

Your sightings submitted in the first week of June

What a relief to have a week of dry, warm weather after the May we had, and it’s been lovely to see the bees back out in force making the most of the weather too.

In the first week of June a few of our scaly residents where spotted including near Clowne a harmless Grass snake, which is our longest species of snake reaching up to 150cm in length. Also sighted was one of their much smaller cousins which can grow up to 15cm from their nose to the tip of their tail and can be seen basking on moorland and heathland, a Common lizard near Kinder Scout. Further south near Heanor a Red kite, whose wingspan can reach 1.8m, was spotted flying overhead.

Common lizard, Philip Precey

Common lizard, Philip Precey 

The latest recordings for May submitted last week were for two Hedgehog sightings towards Burton upon Trent, for more information on how you can help hedgehogs from your garden see our spring bank holiday sightings blog.

Thanks to Karen Braithwaite, Paul Brister, Rachael Hardingham and Sarah Nichols.

We’re looking forward to hearing about the wildlife you spot in Derbyshire so if you want to submit your own sightings and be mentioned on the next blog submit your recordings at