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The Baker Family's 30 days Wild: Day Nine

Posted: Thursday 9th June 2016 by 30-Days-Wild

Snails found by the Baker FamilySnails found by the Baker Family

My son the snail charmer

After the excitement of our particularly wild day yesterday, I didn’t think it would matter too much if we took things easy today; surely we could still be wild without rambling halfway through a nature reserve? As it turns out we could – one trip to the park later and we were feeling thoroughly warmed up, and decided to indulge in a spot of snail watching in the back garden. My husband recently bought the boys a new playhouse for the back garden, and, owing to its former position under the previous owner’s tree, it was absolutely covered in snails when he got it home. My older son was in heaven! We have spent the afternoon spotting snails, gathering them into family groups, and rehoming them all over the garden, as well as choosing a series of weird and wonderful names for them. Meet Sky, Rocky, and Marshall! Toby has no fear at all when it comes to bugs and beasties, and he’s never happier than when he’s got a trail of snail slime all over his arms. Welcome home, snails!

Baker family son with snailsAll photos Louise Baker

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