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The Baker Family’s 30 Days Wild: Day Eight

Posted: Wednesday 8th June 2016 by 30-Days-Wild

The Baker Family getting Wild, Louise Baker The Baker Family getting Wild, Louise Baker

A romp across the countryside

Today has been our wildest so far, beginning with a woodlouse intent on making itself at home on a bedroom carpet, a tub of caterpillars ready for us to nurture into butterflies, and a spider in a compost bin.

Today has been our wildest so far

Wondering how we’d top such a randomly wild morning we headed off to Middleton Lakes RSPB reserve in search of yet more wildlife; we were rewarded with glimpses of woodpeckers, a blue jay, a kingfisher, a reed warbler, goldfinches and great tits, a nuthatch, herons, and a squirrel – PHEW!

We wandered through woodlands and beside a stream, eventually eating a small picnic in front of a lake. As if that wasn’t enough of the great outdoors we ate our evening meal in the garden of a nearby pub, which happens to back on to a canal. Bliss.

Even as I type this an owl is hooting not far away – what an awesome, wild day. I think I’ll go and relax to the hoots of an owl :)

All photos, Louise Baker 




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