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We're bringing beavers back to Derbyshire!

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Beavers are herbivores - they don't eat fish!
Beaver dams and habitats can reduce flood risk
Beavers create wetland habitats that help wildlife
Beavers help people by improving water quality

Why are we bringing back the beaver?

This isn't just about the reintroduction of a species - it's about the reintroduction of an entire ecosystem that has been lost. 

After 800 years, we are bringing beavers back to Derbyshire!  Our beaver family will play a really big part in making Willington wilder. They will enjoy over 20 acres of Wetland habitat, within a special beaver-proof fence. Egginton Brook flows through the beaver zone, and the native plants and trees will offer our beavers all the food variety they need to thrive.

Beavers are known as nature's engineers. They make changes to their habitats which create diverse wetlands for other species to thrive.

What will the beavers do on site?

Beavers are a special species that can play a particularly crucial role. As they go about their day to day life shaping the wetlands for their own benefit, they have a huge impact on the surrounding areas.  By digging canal systems and damming water courses, they create diverse wetland areas and homes for other animals such as otters, water voles and water shrews.

Success Stories

We aren't the first Trust to be getting back on board with beavers!

Devon Wildlife Trust

As ecosystem engineers, beavers are able to quickly make a positive impact on the landscape they occupy.

These before and after images taken from a fixed-point post in the enclosed beaver project run by Devon Wildlife Trust, show the impact the beaver activity has had on the capacity of the land to hold water in just five years.

This example of landscape engineering ‘slows the flow’ of water, thereby decreasing the chance of flooding downstream.

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