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Play Wild

Playing wild - a child peeking out from behind a tree - credit Adrian ClarkePlaying wild - credit Adrian Clarke

Play Wild is a £47,000 partnership project funded by the HLF. The project is aiming to give parents the confidence and ideas to get their children outdoors playing in nature.



This year the partners; Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Eastern Moors Partnership, Natural England, National Trust, Peak District National Park Authority, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, Derby University and RSPB have provided wild play events across the region focusing on reconnecting families from urban areas with their local green spaces.

We think that everyone should be able to Play Wild though, so on these pages you will be able to find all the information you need to help you get out to discover local reserves and green spaces and give you ideas on what to do when you get there.

Wild Events and Wild Places

Most of the partners in the project run family events that are great for getting children outdoors for very little cost. Find out about Wild Events near you.

If you are looking for somewhere wild to explore then click here for some ideas.


Taking care of nature’s home

We would love you to come and play wild on some of our beautiful wildlife sites to discover why we love them. Nature can be a delicate balance though so please do stick to our code of conduct to help take care of Nature's Home:

Code of conduct:
Discover new worlds and creatures whilst taking care not to damage and disturb our home. Follow this code to keep these places wild for all of us.
• Make sure an adult knows where you are heading on your wild adventures
• Look touch and play only take pictures and memories away
• Leave footprints or muddy splashes take litter home
• Do keep your dog under control and clean up after them 
• Leave gates as you find them

The traffic light system:
Our wildlife sites use a traffic light system to let you know where and when you can play wild. Look out for these signs:

Green logo: Go wild all year round!



Amber logo: Here wildlife may be more sensitive at different times of the year. Take care to find out where and when to play wild.


Red logo: Here wildlife is sensitive all year round. Remain on paths and take extra care.


For more ideas on playing wild on our different sites, see the activity ideas below.

Ideas for Playing Wild

Stuck for ideas on what to do when you get to our sites? Look no further we have wild play ideas that will occupy the kids for 5 minutes or for 50 minutes…the choice is yours


• Build a fill sized den for everyone to get in.
• Hunt for bugs everywhere!
• Make a mud face: take a lump of mud and squash it onto a tree then turn it into a face using leaves and sticks that have fallen to the ground.
• Tracking and trailing. Divide into two groups and lay tracks for each other to follow: will there be treasure at the end?
• Make a nest: can you build a nest using twigs, leaves, wool or feathers?


• Spot shapes in the trees:What shapes can you see? Are there dragons lurking? Are there snakes or giant beetles? When the sun shines can you see woodland fairies? 
• Leaf art: what can you make from the fallen leaves? 
• See who can build the tallest stick tower
• Build a fairy den
• Play hide and seek




• See who can spot the most colours or sounds
• Look for bugs along the paths
• Imagine, what your journey would look like for a bug…or a bird- imagine the adventure!
• Tell stories using what you see around you
• Pick blackberries as you walk…make something tasty when you get home!
• Make a nature notebook and record what you see on your visit.












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