Make a Pledge to Feel the Buzz!

Buff-tailed bumblebee Jon Hawkins/Surrey Hills Photography feel the buzzBuff-tailed bumblebee Jon Hawkins/Surrey Hills Photography

What will you do to help our bees?

You can make a real difference by pledging your support to help Derbyshire’s bees – maybe you are going to plant a wildflower garden at home or in the work place, perhaps your school is will be building homes for bees maybe you are pledging to ban pesticides from your garden. Whatever, it is, here is the place to let us know. Please complete the form below.

To get some ideas from others who have already Made the Pledge, please see below to see what the Derbyshire community have been doing to save our bees.

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Who is Feeling the Buzz so far....

  • Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are Feeling the Buzz!  Our courtyard garden is blooming with bee friendly plants. We are open for Middleton Open Gardens on the 10th and 11th June- come and see us and buy a Buzz Box so you can do something for the bees!
  • Middleton Open Gardens have planted lots of planters around Middleton and all the gardens are getting ready for Open Gardens on the 10th and 11th June
  • Haddon Hall will be letting visitors know about the bees that live in and around Haddon to help people understand how important bees are for our environment
  • The Tramway Museum at Critch are installing bee houses on their woodland walk.
  • Weleda UK Ltd, based in Ilkeston, have very generously donated £15,000 to help us start this appeal
  • Graduates from Rolls-Royce Plc are supporting us to deliver Feel the Buzz
  • Accrofab Ltd in Spondon are Feeling the Buzz by gifting 30 buzz boxes to a local school
  • Rock Fall UK in Alfreton are Feeling the Buzz by selling buzz boxes through their shop and taking part in our corporate fundraising challenge
  • EPC-UK Ltd are Feeling the Buzz and taking part in our corporate fundraising challenge
  • Longcliffe Quarries Ltd are Feeling the Buzz and purchasing buzz boxes for their staff
  • The Heights of Abraham are having a week's worth of activities to get Derbyshire buzzing at the end of May
  • Peak District Mines Historical Society will continue to maintain the natural wild flower grassland around Magpie Mine which is always buzzing with bees
  • Peak District Lead Mining Museum will be maintaining the "wild" plants around Temple Mine, where they are visted by lots of bees
  • Lubrizol Ltd are Feeling the Buzz having planted a wildflower meadow at the start of the year and positioning Bug Hotels around site too. They also plan to up-cycle materials on site at their Fun Day in June by getting employee's children to make their very own Bug Hotels
  • Renishaw Hall & Gardens have replanted borders in the garden with more flowering plants to encourage more bees
  • Borrow Wood School, Spondon are Feeling the Buzz!  Staff from Accrofab Ltd will be delivering the school assembly, helping the pupils to learn all about bees and handing out Buzz Boxes
  • Feel the Buzz has reached Canada!  One of our members has told us that she plans to start planting wild flower seeds as soon as the weather gets better over there.