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Land management

Land managementLand management

Our experienced field staff have worked in all types of habitats creating and managing sites for the benefit of wildlife. We can provide advice on how best to manage your site with a focus on conservation. At Derbyshire Wildlife Services we carefully evaluate sites to produce a plan that works for you and the wildlife on your site.

Rope access to manage difficult sites

This may involve working on sites where access is very steep on a difficult hillside or cliff face.

Wetland creation including ponds and wet scrapes

We can advise on and install a range of wetland habitats including wildlife ponds and scrapes. A scrape is made from a shallow dip in the ground which is designed to hold water. We can install reed beds and ditches two important but rapidly declining features in the landscape, which provide natural flood barriers and habitats for a wide range of birds, amphibians and invertebrates.

Hedgerow planting and laying

Hedgerows are a vitally important habitat and natural barrier. We can advise on how best to manage your hedgerows, and provide a planting and hedge restoration service that will ensure hedges perform their intended role. Native hedgerows are best managed by laying once the hedge has reached a certain age or height. This involves partially cutting through each stem and laying the plants on top of each other. Once woven together this forms a sturdy stock-proof barrier which does not require unsightly fencing. Hedges can also be gapped-up with new plants and clearing and preparation carried out before planting takes place.

Tree and woodland planting

We can help design and plant new woodlands of all sizes, providing the correct selection of native species for your part of Derbyshire. This can be as part of a wider woodland management plan, or as a newly planted woodland.

Wildflower meadow creation

Traditionally managed meadows are now a rarity in the country. From soil-test to mowing and bailing, we can help create a feature on your land that will provide food and shelter for hundreds of species of insect, bird and animal. We use locally sourced seed.

Installation of paths, fencing and signage

Whilst it is always better for wildlife and the landscape to use natural barriers, this is not always practical. We can supply and install all types of stock proof fencing including post and rail and with stock netting. We can lay paths with a range of different natural materials including limestone and re-cycled chippings.

Artificial otter holts

Otters are rarely seen in Derbyshire. They have a wide ranging territory which varies according to individuals, but all otters use a variety of holts throughout this area. Carefully constructed and sited holts can encourage re-colonisation to areas. 

Wetland management and pond enhancements

We have a vast experience of creating and managing all sorts of wetland habitats from rivers and lakes to streams and ponds. Whether you need an overgrown reed bed restoring, or and pond dredging we can advise and deliver your project.

Tree felling and tree management

See tree services section

Vegetation and scrub clearance

We can provide a service to improve sites by removing unwanted scrub or invasive species. This may include bramble or thorn species, Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed. Whilst we do not clear sites for building development, we can devise a workable solution for any site that needs improvement for wildlife.

Grassland management and restoration

Another rapidly declining habitat throughout Europe are traditional wildflower meadows that support a wide range of species. We can advise on species that are suitable for your site and restore your grassland so that it benefits you and the environment. We can advise on mixes of seed to use for environmental stewardship schemes, and write a plan for future management of your land.

Post-creation habitat management

Once you have created a piece of paradise for wildlife, ongoing management is essential. Our experienced field staff manage habitats with a wildlife focus. We currently manage sites for companies and factories, local authorities and councils. We can provide an ongoing service for your land to ensure it does not go into decline.


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