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  • Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Invites Michael Gove to visit Badger Vaccination Project

    Wednesday 21st February, 2018

    Badger, Elliott Neep

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  • Wildfowl recovery plan at Wyver Lane

    Thursday 15th February, 2018

    Lapwing at Wyver Lane, Paul Shaw

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Volunteer Work Party at the Avenue Washlands

Sunday 25th February 2018,
9.30am - 2.00pm

Venue: The Avenue Washlands

Join our volunteer team at The Avenue Washlands to care for one of our most important reserves.

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We aim to raise £50,000 to help the bees, and plant one million wildflowers to help them thrive

Why the urgency?

If we don’t act now to help our bees our gardens and meadows will be silent, our farms barren and our very future at risk.

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