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50/50 Club

50/50 club50/50 club

Help boost our funds and win some money yourself by joining the 50/50 Club!


The 50/50 Club raises funds for the Trust which go towards Third Party Contributions for Landfill Communities Fund bids and raise ten times their worth.

Half of the proceeds are distributed as cash prizes and half goes towards Trust funds.

It costs just £12 a year and prizes range from £100 to £10, so why not have two?

To find out more contact us on 01773 881188 or to join please fill out the form below.




Recent winners:

Congratulations to recent winners: Mr K E Moore, John Foster, Malcolm Neal, David Selkirk, Mrs Pat Farnsworth, Margaret Taylor, Miss Jill Barton, Mr G O Potts, Chris Budworth, Patricia Sharp, Mrs Catherine M Field




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