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Wyver Lane by Alex Morley

Posted: Tuesday 16th January 2018 by Wyver

Today, midday: 200 black headed gulls reported 15minutes eariler had dropped to around 100, one of which had a full black head; in amongst these was an apparently sole lesser black backed gull, and 4 tufted ducks (2male, 2female) were happily floating around the group. Around 25 teal were mostly hiding quietly around the northern inlet to the main pool. 4 mallards - 1 female, 2 males, and one farmyard feral were either on or around the island. 3 shovelers were sighted: 1female alomst directly infront of the hide, 1male/1female at the southern outlet of the pool. One coot was sight and a second reported around a clump of willow on flooded groundon the southeast of the main pool; a third was on flooded groud on the north east of the main pool. 4 common snipe were well hidden in bankside vegetation on the northern edge of the main pool. There are regular reports of stonechat at the site, making use of taller vegetation within a metre of the water's edge. A female stonechat was spotted on the northern edge of the pool. A sole pheasant, and a sole wood pigeon were in the southern most field of the reserve, beside a flooded puddle.

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