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British Mammals - by Cousins, Swash, Still and Dunn. Published by WildGuides 2017. Paperback £17.95.

Posted: Thursday 29th June 2017 by Book-Reviews

WildGuides continue to publish excellent field guides and this volume is no exception.

The book is well laid out, with 500 photographs and a typeface that is big enough to read without having to draw the book up to your face. For a group of creatures that are often hard to see, there is a section on tracks and trails though perhaps it could have been more detailed and comprehensive.

Each species has a distribution map and a helpful section on where and how to look for it. There is much about bats and Cetacea (whales and dolphins) both mammal groups I know little about. And I didn’t know that the yellow necked mouse was predatory!
Highly recommended.

Nick Brown

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