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Unfortunately, not all interactions with wildlife are positive and some cases, wild animals are deliberately harmed. We are working closely with Derbyshire Constabulary to ensure that wildlife crime is stopped in Derbyshire.


What is wildlife crime? 

There are many different types of wildlife crime but the majority of reported incidents involve people who are deliberately harming animals, disturbing or damaging nest sites and participating in the illegal trade of protected species.

Every year, police receive hundreds of calls from members of the public relating to wildlife offences. Some of these incidents have included swans being butchered for their meat, wild bird eggs being stolen from nests and the persecution of birds of prey.

Further examples of wildlife crimes reported in Derbyshire include people deliberately targeting badgers by digging or blocking access to setts and intentionally destroying a bat roost. All of these animals are protected by law and carrying out any of these acts is a criminal offence.

Learn more about wildlife crime and how to report a wildlife crime by clicking on the links above which will take you through to the relevant sections on the Derbyshire Constabulary website.