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Trustees & Staff

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust staffDerbyshire Wildlife Trust staff

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, elected from and by the members. We employ experienced staff to run the Trust and carry out our conservation and education projects.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Trustees

Chair: Sue Mayer
Vice-Chair: David Charlton
Treasurer: Peter Bradbury
Trustees: David Charlton; Chris Gale; Mike Greenwood; Tony Hams; Trevor Hudson; Phil Shore; Fred Pickering; Sarah Fowler; Sarah Lewis; Huw Edwards; Nigel Huish; Paul Lynch

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Staff

Chief Executive: Jo Smith



Head of Finance: Tony Chambers

Acting Finance Manager: Linda Taylor

Finance Officer: Sally Fraser



Head of HR & Governance: Stephanie Kershaw


Business Development

Head of Business Development: Jane Proctor

Senior Marketing Officer: Kaite Helps

Corporate & Major Gifts Officer: Carol Phillips

Enquiries Officer: Nick Brown

Support Services Officer: Elizabeth Woodward

Support Services Assistant: Jane Davison

Head of Commerciall Development: Ellen Fineran

Individual Giving Manager: Jack Roper

Ecological Services Development Manager: Dave Savage

Retail Development Manager: Rachel Harvey

Membership Sales Promoters: Rob Dawson, Blair Johnston, Liam McGuire, Tanya Perkins


Living Landscapes - North

Head of Living Landscapes (North): Tim Birch

Biodiversity Planning Officer: Libby Duggan Jones

Badger Vaccination Co-Ordinator: Debbie Schindler

Reserves Officer (Coalfields): Sam Willis

Regional Manager (White Peak): Kieron Huston

Living Landscapes Advisers: Audra Hurst, Rebekkah Newman

Biodiversity Planning Assistant: Carole Boon

People Engagement Officer: Diane Gould

Assistant People Engagement Officer: Marc Whitlock

Reserves Officer (White Peak): Julia Gow


Living Landscapes - South

Head of Living Landscapes (South): Angela Mayson

Living Landscapes Adviser: Oliver Foulds

Biodiversity Planning Officer: Trevor Taylor

Regional Manager (Derwent): Louise Valantine

DerwentWISE Scheme Manager: Tania Pells

DerwentWISE Community Engagement Officers: Jo Wheeler (Arts & Interpretation), Rachel Costigan (Cultural Heritage), Dave Savage (Natural Heritage)

DerwentWISE Project Support Officer: Nadine Stevenson

DerwentWISE Volunteer Team Leader: Fergus MacArthur

Living Landscapes Officer (Derwent Valley): Alex Morley

Living Rivers Officer: Kath Stapley

People Engagement Officers: Emma Wood, Matthew Robinson (maternity cover)

Programme Manager - Erewash: Kate Lemon

Reserves Assistant (Erewash Valley): Paul Harasimow

Regional Manager (Trent Valley): Richard Cuthbert

Living Landscapes Officer (Trent Valley): Steve Cresswell