Vaccination and how you can help

Badger vaccination courtesy of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Along with several other Wildlife Trusts around England, we are proposing to implement a five-year programme of badger vaccination on selected sites in Derbyshire.


We will:

• Identify and survey setts to be vaccinated
• Train and certify two vaccinators
• Obtain the relevant caging and trapping licence from Natural England
• Acquire vaccine via prescription from a vet
• Accustom setts to the presence of baited traps
• Trap, vaccinate, mark and release badgers
• Repeat this annually

The annual costs of this work will be £10,000

£5 will buy one dose of vaccine
£25 will buy needles and syringes
£50 will buy two sacks of peanuts for bait
£100 will buy one badger trap
£750 will pay for training for two vaccinators

Please help us raise £50,000 to fund this five-year programme.


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