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Sponsor a Grazing Animal

Sponsor a sheep, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Sponsor a sheep, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

If you’re looking for an original gift, why not sponsor one of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s grazing animals?

Throughout the county we look after 42 nature reserves, which we manage in various ways. Some are managed with livestock, including our own sheep, cattle and Konik ponies.

Sheep: Flying Flock £30

Our flying flock of hardy breeds graze some of our harder to manage reserves – they help create good conditions for wildflowers and on wetland sites keep the grass short enough for ducks to graze. The sheep are currently in two flocks – one at The Avenue Washlands and Carr Vale in the north east of the county and the other at Willington Gravel Pits and Hilton Gravel Pits in the south. £30 a year helps us to cover the costs of feed, vets’ bills and shearing as well as buying more animals to expand the flock.

Konik Ponies £20

Our hardy Konik ponies graze our wetland reserves in the Trent Valley, including Golden Brook Storage Lagoon, Willington Gravel Pits and Hilton Gravel Pits. This semi-wild breed comes from Poland and they are well-adapted to grazing wetlands. £40 a year sponsorship helps us cover the costs of looking after them including vets’ bills and transportation. The sponsor receives a certificate, small gift and car sticker as well as an update on the ponies.

If you'd like to sponsor our livestock either as a gift or for yourself, simply fill in the form, print it out and send it to:
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Sandy Hill, Main Street, Middleton, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 4LR.

Photos: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust 


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