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Wyver Lane by Alex Morley

Posted: Tuesday 23rd January 2018 by Wyver

January 23rd 1330hrs The river Derwent is high, and consequently the main pool is also risen beyond its usual boundary: creating a number of refuges amongst vegetation at the edges. 1 Magpie was close to the edge of the water on the north eastern corner. 4 Coots were making noisy use of the site, initially foraging on the grass north of the hide before entering the water and making their way to the north eastern edge of the pool amongst flooded vegetation. The returned to the main pool, just in front of the hide, where they proceded to squabble. 2 Canada geese were occupying the island, whilst 2 more were at the south eastern pool edge beneath the telegraph poles. 7 male and 4 female Mallards were on the main pool. 1 male Pochard was spending time around the Tern island. 4 male and 2 female Tufted ducks were on the main pool. At least 40 Teal and 20 Wigeon were in various locations around the main pool, making use of the cover of the flooded vegetation. 4 Long-tailed tits flew over the hide to shelter in the section of hedge by the feeder. Around 1345hrs, after a quiet 15 minutes, 5 noisy Black-headed gulls arrived, and one chose to harass a male Tufted duck with some aerial dives.

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