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Woodside Sightings by Jim Steele

Posted: Friday 22nd September 2017 by woodsidenr

Speckled WoodSpeckled Wood by Jim Steele

Friday 22nd September - I watch from a vantage point on the southern boundary of the reserve. Today there were ten buzzards, including a pair in full display, and I counted six sparrowhawks at one time and two kestrel. Swallows and house martins aloft. Jays calling and flying over with beaks holding acorns. No hobby now, the last seen a few days ago (been excellent for them in August and early September) and the last swift was nearly a week ago. A greenfinch was only the second I have seen this year! Bullfinches. A chiffchaff in Autumn song near the barn. A few superb red admirals, several speckled wood and two small white butterflies. Migrant hawker 'in cop', common darters 'in tandem' with the female dipping her ovipositor into a puddle, and two late ruddy darters. Jim

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