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Drakelow by Thomas Cockburn

Posted: Sunday 28th January 2018 by Drakelow

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: W/E 28th January. Despite further spells of rain the river, although high, remained within its banks but a flood pool on the entrance road has deepened but remains passable for the brave. There was little change in the birdlife from the 23rd although a Great Crested Grebe had appeared. Nesting activity was seen with some 22 Cormorants occupying and displaying from potential nests and Grey Herons from 17 such platforms. Duck numbers were reported at 129 Teal, 63 Gadwall, 31 Shovelers and 80 Tufted Duck. Two drake Pochards were new in and up to five Goldeneyes were on the ML. The Hooded Merganser was still present on the 28th but the Long-tailed Duck was not seen. The Coot number had increased to 32 and 13 Snipe were counted on the Strip. The only gull of note was a Caspian on the 25th. Singing birds included a Cettiā€™s Warbler and a Willow Tit. With thanks to AB, DH, KW and AG. WARNING: The flood water pool at the site of the old weighbridge is, at the least, calf-deep and can worsen. Vehicles can go through it but it may advisable to check the depth before venturing into it.

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