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Drakelow Sightings by Tom Cockburn

Posted: Tuesday 31st October 2017 by Drakelow

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE: Tuesday 31st October 0700 – 1400. An early visit was made to see how the Cormorants were bearing up. A rough count gave 100/120 but birds were already on the move so the actual roosting number could not be ascertained.. At 0720 some 85, in two batches, were seen following the Trent upstream with only a handful flying to the south. Only five birds remained on the reserve for the rest of the morning. A count of the Mute Swans on the river showed a drop from yesterday’s 43 to 35 this morning. A search of the reserve’s waters failed to locate the Long-tailed Duck or the Pintail but we could drool over yesterday’s photographs taken by Rose Williams. During the hunt for the oddities a ‘brownhead’ Goldeneye was found – the first of the autumn. During the lunch break a Yellow-legged Gull arrived and spent some time bathing and preening in the ML. Obligingly, a single Herring Gull, two Common Gulls and three Lesser Black-.Backed Gulls were on view at the same time for comparison purposes. A Cetti’s Warbler was in song in the vicinity of the North Hide and a flock of c100 Redwings went through SW. A Raven was reported. OCTOBER FOOTFALL: During the month the writer made 14 visits (eight in 2016) and visitors were recorded as 130 (120 in 2016). With thanks to RW.

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