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Badger vaccination process

You may be interested in how we go about vaccinating badgers:


Our volunteers prepared the way for vaccination by pre-baiting the area with peanuts to accustom the badgers to the bait.


Digging in the traps

Next, the traps are dug in.



Our humane badger cages are set alongside runs and walls as well as close to the two setts we are monitoring at our location in the north of the county.



A badger cub successfully captured, awaiting vaccination.


Debbie Bailey vaccinates the badgers.  Vaccinating badger cubs gives longer lasting immunity to the badger groups which are present in the sett. 


One of the great joys of vaccinating badgers at dawn is that you get to see fantastic sunrises like this. 









Photos from top: © Volunteers pre-baiting - Debbie Bailey, digging traps, Debbie Bailey, Cage, Debbie Bailey, badger in cage, Tim Birch, Debbie Bailey vaccinating, Tim Birch, Sunrise, Tim Birch.