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We are firmly opposed to the badger cull and will not allow culling on our land.

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Tackling the bovine TB problem in Derbyshire

This badger cull is being undertaken as part of measures against the devastating impacts of bovine tuberculosis (TB), a disease which is carried and transmitted by badgers and other wildlife, as well as cattle, and costs the UK cattle farming industry tens of millions of pounds every year.

With the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border identified as another hotspot for bovine TB, a cull could be carried out in Derbyshire.

Scientific evidence does not support a cull.

Scientific evidence does not support a cull. A 10-year pilot cull carried out between 1997 and 2007 concluded that bovine TB was only marginally reduced within the culling area and outside the culling area it rose as badgers were disturbed and moved around – known as perturbation. Some well-known figures in the environmental world have spoken out against a cull, including Sir David Attenborough, Simon King and Chris Packham. Lord Krebs, who led the pilot culling trials, has himself said: “I can’t understand how anybody who’s looked at the science would say this cull is a good idea.”

In Derbyshire, we are in the process of a five-year programme of badger vaccinations, working with a range of partners including local badger groups, National Farmers' Union, individual farmers, the National Trust, Derbyshire County Council, British Mountaineering Council and the police. This will contribute to the local control of bovine TB by creating immunity in a population of Derbyshire badgers.

Badger BCG vaccine alone is not the solution to bovine TB, but it does have an immediate effect with no known negative impact other than cost. Our five-year programme aims to make a worthwhile contribution towards finding a solution to a serious animal disease problem and to explore the practicalities of vaccination.

This important work will take a great deal of our time and resources and is currently unfunded.

Thanks to donations received so far, we have been able to train a team of vaccinators and other volunteers to support the vaccination programme.

Please continue to give to this appeal. The more money we raise, the more we can do to help protect Derbyshire’s badgers and fight the scourge of bovine TB. Thank you. 


*2016 update: There is currently an ongoing global shortage of the BCG vaccine, which protects badgers against bovine TB but is also used in the human TB vaccine. The World Health Organisation has advised countries to limit the use of the vaccine to those individuals who need it most, which has resulted in a suspension of badger vaccination projects in Wales and England.*

*2017 update: After a petition against the badger cull reached 100,000 signatures, a debate in Parliament was confirmed for Monday 27th March. Find out more here

*2017 July update: We're restarting our badger vaccination programme one year on. A new supply of vaccine has been obtained by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust following several months negotiating supplies and obtaining permission from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to import the InterVax TB vaccine. Find out more here

Tackling the disease should therefore include the following measures:

  • Better biosecurity: all possible measures should be pursued to prevent disease transmission on-farm
  • Stricter movement controls: to minimise the risk of spreading disease when cattle are transported
  • Improved TB testing: to increase detection of the disease - currently, many infected cattle are missed
  • Badger vaccination: support landowners to use the injectable BadgerBCG vaccine and continue development of an oral badger vaccine. Vaccination project are currently on hold due to a global shortage of BCG vaccine.
  • Cattle vaccination: complete development of a cattle vaccine and secure changes to EU regulation to permit its commercial deployment


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