Invasive Non-Native Species

We are working as part of a local action group to find ways of tackling the spread of Invasive Non Native Species.

Non-native species have been brought into the country over thousands of years. From Victorian horticulturalists who imported species to display in their gardens, to the increase in global transport which has allowed species to move outside their natural range, these 'aliens' have established themselves in the British countryside. Now it’s estimated there are almost 3,000 non-native species the UK.

Most of these don’t cause any problems, but some inflict significant harm on our environment, economy and even health. These are the invasive non-native species (INNS).

INNS can spell trouble for our native wildlife by preying on and out-competing them, and also by destroying their habitat or introducing diseases which they have no resistance to. Our island species have evolved in isolation and don't have the mechanisms to deal with new diseases or predators.

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