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Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Strikes Gold!

Thursday 3rd May 2018

Goblins gold Long Clough ReserveGoblins gold Long Clough Reserve

Goblins gold has been found down a rabbit hole on Long Clough Reserve, which is the first sighting ever on this reserve. This is only the 10th sighting of Schistotega Pennata on record in Derbyshire.

This unusual type of moss glows from dark crevices like rabbit holes – reflecting light back in semi-darkness, just like cat’s eyes do! This gem can also be found at our little travelled Overdale Nature Reserve in the north of the county. It can be found elsewhere in the UK and the world with interesting associated myths as you might imagine from the name. 

Like every good legend, once it is brought out into daylight it loses its magic and to the untrained eye is just a bit of green on a stone!