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84 badgers vaccinated and counting!

Friday 25th August 2017

Badger, Elliott NeepBadger, Elliott Neep

Badgers across the county continue to be vaccinated against Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) thanks to our dedicated volunteer teams.

15 badgers were vaccinated at four setts at dawn this morning in the north of the county, eight adults and seven cubs. Another team were out at the start of the week and successfully vaccinated four badgers, one cub and three adults. This takes the Trust’s total to 84 badgers vaccinated since June – a number which will continue to rise with more vaccinations scheduled to take place in the north next week.

Liz Oldring, one of our Badger Vaccination Co-ordinators said, “We owe a huge thank you to all our volunteers who are up day and night vaccinating badgers. Before dawn breaks they have put in hours of hard work and this is set to continue if we are going to prevent the cull from coming to Derbyshire - badger vaccinating is not for the faint hearted!”

We owe a huge thank you to all our volunteers who are up day and night vaccinating badgers

Progress is also being made on a national level with ongoing discussions about restarting the Government vaccination programme for 2018 and how this would work and how it would be funded. Tim Birch, Head of Living Landscapes North said, “We believe the Government is committed to securing vaccine for badger vaccination programmes in 2018 and funding this programme. Here in Derbyshire we are proving that vaccination is effective in the fight against Bovine tuberculosis and as a result we want to see vaccination rolled out across the UK rather than the cull. We have over 80 volunteers helping us deliver our vaccination programme with many more wanting to join and help us which is fantastic. We want to see our model of volunteer led vaccination, supported by the Government, rolled out across the country instead of shooting badgers.” 

We have developed the badger vaccination programme with a number of partners including the National Trust and the Derbyshire Badger Groups, and have been working with famers and landowners to vaccinate badgers across Derbyshire since 2014. Since we sourced the supply of Tb vaccine from Canada earlier this year as the Government had run out of vaccine, twelve dedicated volunteers have been trained in the new vaccine delivery system and 84 badgers have been vaccinated already.

We want to see vaccination rolled out across the UK rather than the cull

Vaccinations will continue throughout the summer and autumn and we are keen to hear from any landowners who would like them to vaccinate badgers on their land. It costs almost 20 times less to vaccinate badgers rather than shoot them so it makes financial sense. Culling badgers can also cause bTB to increase in an area according to scientific studies in what is known as the perturbation effect. Also vaccinating badgers is receiving strong public support and does not require any police to ensure it takes place compared to the cull.

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Click here to find out what is happening nationally. The Wildlife Trusts are firmly opposed to the badger cull.