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Easter badgers and cub footage!

Friday 7th April 2017

Badger, Jon BowenBadger, Jon Bowen

We have new footage of badger cubs with their mother - right here in Derbyshire!

The footage was sent in by Fred Dyson, one of our badger vaccinators. We love to see wildlife flourish, especially as we continue our badger vaccination programme. You can find out more about the programme, and our firm opposition to the badger cull, here.

From Fred Dyson, Debbie Bailey and the team:

“Happy Easter to you all from the Derbyshire Badger Vaccination Volunteer Team. We thought we would share a few short video clips of badgers taken by our vaccination team as part of our survey work in the field. The badger cubs are very young and this is probably one of their first visits to the outside world. We hope you will find these short clips as enjoyable as we do and may give you some understanding as to why we volunteer many hours to work alongside farmers and landowners to help protect our Derbyshire badgers and support our farmers.”