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Petition against badger cull reaches threshold for debate in Parliament

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Petition, Badger, Jon Bowen, Derbyshire Wildlife TrustBadger, Jon Bowen

A nationwide petition against the badger cull has reached the 100,000 signature threshold needed to hold a debate in Parliament.

The petition was launched by Simon King OBE in August, and it outlined a firm opposition to the cull:

Since 2013, thousands of badgers have been killed in a Government cull attempting to control bovine TB. Against scientific advice & before a 4 year trial has completed, the government is now expanding the cull to new counties - tens of thousands of healthy badgers could be killed.

Experts in disease control and animal welfare agree that pilot badger culls have proven both ineffective and inhumane. Shooting badgers is also expensive, costing tax-payers some £5,000 per animal. Bovine TB is a serious problem but killing badgers is not the solution, and could actually make the situation worse. It is a costly distraction from an effective solution incorporating vaccination, increased cattle movement control measures and improved testing.

The petition was due to expire at the end of February, but thanks to a rally from supporters in Derbyshire and nationwide, the threshold has been reached.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust would like to thank everyone who has signed and shared the petition, along with those who have donated over £50,000 to our badger vaccination programme.

We are firmly opposed to the badger cull, and will not allow culling on our land. You can read more about our position on badger culling on our website here.