Local elections 2021

A vote for wildlife

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Wildlife needs your vote

Our wildlife is in trouble.  Species are declining at an alarming rate and we are at risk of losing vital habitats across the UK. 

Local Elections are just around the corner (6th May) and your candidates have been announced.

The five pledges we are asking candidates to commit to are: 

  1. Champion the recovery of nature. Help us ensure 33% of Derbyshire is connected and protected for nature’s recovery by 2030 by providing resources and funding to deliver a Nature Recovery Network. 
  2. Prioritise local solutions to the global climate and nature crisis. Drive investment in carbon capture in woodlands, wetland and peatlands and invest in nature based solutions to climate challenges like flooding, and pollution. 
  3. Back natural health and wellbeing. By supporting Green Prescribing programmes and wild wellbeing initiatives, as well as ensuring everyone benefits from accessible local green spaces where nature thrives. 
  4. Ensure development that is good for people and for nature. By protecting valuable wild spaces from destruction and making sure all developments create net gain for nature. 
  5. Support innovative approaches to boosting the green economy. By investing in training and job creation for the growing green economy, backing nature-based tourism, and rewilding depleted land. 

Candidates that have been in touch with us and provided their responses to our manifesto are listed below. 

Candidates championing our Manifesto

Please note:  All parties and candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Conservative Party

Trevor Ainsworth Candidate for the Division of Ripley West and Heage
James Barron Candidate for the Division of Tibshelf
Ryan Cook Candidate for the Division of Bolsover South
Martyn Ford Candidate for the Division of Etwall and Repton
Richard Iliffe Candidate for the Division of Heanor Central
Barry Lewis Candidate for the Division of Wingerworth & Shirland
Wayne Major Candidate for the Division of Sandiacre
Dermot Murphy Candidate for the Division of Wirksworth
Philip Rose Candidate for the Division of Alfreton and Somercotes
Julian Siddle Candidate for the Division of South Normanton and Pinxton
Stuart Swann Candidate for the Division of Linton
David Taylor Candidate for the Division of Alport and Derwent

Green Party

Statement:  On behalf of Derbyshire Green Party I am happy to endorse the Manifesto for a Wilder Future produced by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and would make the commitment that should any of our candidates be elected in the forthcoming County Council elections in May, they would work closely with the Trust with the aim to see as many of the proposals implemented across Derbyshire as possible.

Darren Yates, Co-ordinator – Derbyshire Green Party


Amanda Baker

Candidate for the Division of Etwall and Willington
Neil Buttle Candidate for the Division of Dovedale

Andreas Christodoulou

Candidate for the Divison of Spondon
John Hill Candidate for the Division of Ashbourne
Caroline Scott Candidate for the Division of Aston 
Mark Stanley

Candidate for the Division Masson Ward 

John Ward Candidate for the County Division of Wirksworth
Darren Yates Candidate for the Division of Birdholme

Labour Party

Amina Burslem Candidate for the Division of Amber Valley
Peter O’Brien Candidate for the Division of Hathersage and Eyam


Liberal Democrats

Statement: Liberal Democrats across Amber Valley Borough support wholeheartedly the aims and tasks specified in this excellent Manifesto.  It contains three major challenges: these are finance, multi-agency working and finding volunteers who can be champions.  Post-Covid, it should be possible to achieve, and there may even be pleasant surprises.

One of the few positives to come out of lockdowns was what many people perceived as their re-connection to nature and the world around them.  Suddenly they were counting butterflies, watching a kingfisher or wondering when the swifts would come back.  Given the heavy toll taken on so many people's mental health, Mother Nature and this Manifesto could be very good news - volunteers who are newly enthusiastic to help, donations from unexpected sources, work on wetlands or just a willingness to be in the moment, in the natural world.

We welcome the planned Nature Recovery Network, which holds the key to improving the future for a range of species and their habitats.  We are strong advocates of keeping and enhancing vital sites such as Crich Chase, Pennytown Ponds or Shipley Country Park.  We are keen on carbon capture and storage in woodlands, wetlands and moorlands and look forward to understanding what are the tools to help develop, protect and conserve these.  Green prescribing is prescient and timely, and we are good at brokering new relationships so that wildlife professionals and health and social care colleagues can work and take on this and similar challenges together.

On the Green Economy, we look forward to working with DWT and groups like UK100 to create jobs and add value and long-term growth, as well as providing fulfilment for many.  Derbyshire already has an incipient green tourism industry.  With DWT's help and expertise and a lot of hard work, we look forward to fulfilling the Manifesto by 2030.

Peter Dobbs Candidate for Ashbourne Division

Stan Heptinstall

Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Derbyshire and also the Liberal Democrat candidate for Derbyshire County Council in Buxton West.
Kate Kift Liberal Democrat’s Amber Valley Council candidate (Ironville and Redding’s) Liberal Democrat’s Derbyshire County Council Candidate (Alfreton)

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Here in Derbyshire

Here in Derbyshire we see the issues first hand.  The places where wildlife live are becoming less wild.  They are smaller, more isolated and more polluted.  Year on year these issues are accelerating. 

Our moorlands are burnt producing huge amounts of carbon, contributing to Climate Change. Birds of prey are killed in our National Park, a place that should be a haven for wildlife. We see devastating flooding each year which could be solved with natural solutions such as beavers and more wetlands. Our road verges are bare when they could be bursting with wildflowers, bees and butterflies and huge opportunities are being missed to restore Derbyshire’s quarries for wildlife. People are losing their local green spaces, their mental and physical health are suffering and they are becoming more and more disconnected with nature.   

These issues will continue to gather pace if we don’t do things differently.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We want to see

Our vision for a Wilder Derbyshire is beautiful and vital

We want great places to live that are good for people and good for wildlife. You are key to this.

We need you to support us in restoring moorlands for carbon capture. To help us restore the heart of the Peak District National Park by seeing species such as mountain hare and peregrine protected, not threatened. We need you to ensure quarries are being restored sympathetically for wildlife when you carry out your mineral planning. We’d love you to be on board with the reintroduction of beavers in the Trent Valley as well as our work to restore vital wetlands in the region to mitigate against flooding – you can be part of the solution.

We need you to champion nature friendly roadside verges, so others do to. We need you to ensure that Local Wildlife Sites and wildlife corridors across Derbyshire are protected, so wildlife can move freely across our county. And, perhaps most importantly, we need you to support our wild wellbeing initiatives and protect local green spaces so people can reconnect with nature, improving their health and mental health.

If we can achieve all this, together Derbyshire will thrive.

To do this we need candidates that care for wildlife and support our work.

State of Nature

The State of Nature report released on the 4th October 2019 releases findings based on monitoring from 1970 to now, and more specifically focuses on the last decade.  You can't argue with facts.

The report highlighted key problematic areas such as climate change, agricultural pressures, pollution and woodland management.

Read the report here

We want to see a Nature Recovery Network to help our wildlife back on its feet.  But to do this, we need local and national support.

What can you do?

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Contact your local candidates

You can write to your local candidates, share our manifesto and pledges and ask them to commit. 

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