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A Will today for wildlife tomorrow - a lasting legacy


Once you have remembered your loved ones in your Will, please consider a legacy to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. A gift made in your Will provides us with a vital source of income and helps to ensure we can continue our work protecting the county’s wildlife well into the future. 

Over to you....

We’ve been discovering what leaving a gift in your Will means to you.


June and Richard Walker

June Walker“My dad loved walking in the countryside and would often go off on his own exploring the Derbyshire hills and dales. He passed on this love of the countryside to me and I grew up knowing more about the Peak District than the city in which we lived.

As soon as I was old enough, on fine Sundays from Easter to September, Mum would pack a picnic while Dad pored over his Ordnance Survey maps to work out a route for a walk. We would hurry to catch an early bus into Derbyshire so as not to waste any valuable walking time. My favourite destination for a long time was Matlock – there was so much to interest me as a little girl – but later I preferred the remoter parts of the county.

Many years later when I met Richard, we quickly realised that one of the main interests we shared was walking and the rest, as they say, is history. When we got married we knew that we had to live in Derbyshire. We eventually found a house on the edge of the Longshaw Estate where we could go for long walks without using the car – bliss!

A few years ago we felt that it was time to make a Will and as we had no children we needed to decide who our beneficiaries would be. We made a list of our favourite charities and decided we had to give priority to the charity who would continue to look after the place which had given us so much enjoyment over the years. It was our chance to give something back. We felt that Derbyshire Wildlife Trust would spend our money wisely.”

Alison Richards

Alison RichardsI was not born in Derbyshire but I have lived here since 1963, and for most of those years I have belonged to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Our sons grew up to know and enjoy the countryside and some of my happiest memories are of family outings; watching fish in a river, or a dipper or water vole, dragonfly or newt; a nesting blue tit or hovering kestrel. I was fortunate that as a child growing up in Norfolk I was able to explore the countryside on foot and cycle, while my parents also took us for walks and visits to the Norfolk Broads and the coast. My mother knew many wildflowers and I learned their names and how to look them up, and birds also.

I think it is vitally important to preserve places like the Trust’s reserves where all kinds of wildlife can flourish undisturbed; and to take children there and give them some insight into the natural world, and above all to experience the wonder of it. The natural world gives and has given me as much delight as anything in my life, and I’m pleased to think of giving back to it after my death.”

Phil Shore

“I’ve always been interested in conservation and the countryside. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful county, one that is defined by its beautiful and varied landscapes.
The Trust is close to my heart, I am personally involved and passionate about its work. Furthermore, friends and family would have something tangible to remember me by, see the impact of my legacy and maybe even benefit from it personally. If I have anything left I won’t need it when I’m gone, so why not do some long-term good?!”

Elizabeth Fletcher MBE (services to Agricultural Education)

“I grew up with an appreciation of Derbyshire’s countryside and wildlife on the family’s farm and I still live near to the fields and lanes of my childhood home.

I decided to make provision in my Will to support something I believe in. Look at the countryside around you and ask if you want to lose it. I would certainly suggest that the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is a very worthwhile cause for any financial support you are able to give.”

Sue Crookes

“After losing my husband Bob, I took a long hard look at where I wanted the money to go and rewrote my Will. I wanted to leave a legacy and considered Derbyshire to be my county. I love its wildlife and countryside and never take it for granted. With the help of an organisation like Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, I know that the good work to protect it will continue. I get so much pleasure from my county that I feel whatever help I can give and even when I am gone, part of me will always remain in the county I love.”

To find out more about how a gift in your Will could help Derbyshire’s wildlife, contact Carol Phillips on 01773 881188.

Pics –June and Richard Walker, Alison Richards, Phil Shore, Elizabeth Fletcher MBE, Sue Crookes

Main spread image - Chrome Hill from Parkhouse Hill, Stephen Connolly


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