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Wyver Lane by Alex Morley

Posted: Wednesday 7th February 2018 by Wyver

From the White Board: Feb 2nd: 3 Coot; 2m+1f Tufted Duck; 100s of BH Gulls; 1 Pochard. Feb 4th: 23 Wigeon; 2m Shoveler. Feb 4th: 5 Coot; 16 Wigeon. Feb 7th: Snipe in front of the hide; Teal; 2 pairs Gadwell. From today, Feb 7th: The main lake was mostly frozen, with the majority of approximately 100 BH Gulls standing; 3 coots were distributed around the main pool, with one in the main pool inlet channel. A sole Moorhen was wandering the island for quitre a while before swimmin g northwest to the inlet. 2 Canada Geese were grazing around the large flooded pool by the railway bridge, 2 were in the main pool inlet channel, and 8 more were grazing the pasture north of the bird hide. An indeterminate number of Teal were secreted in the vegetation around the inlet channel; they were mostly silent but began to whistle briefly, possibly when dogwalkers on the path drew level. A heron was some distance away from the channel , on the north side of the hedge line, east of the mound. A male Shoveler flew in, landing at the inlet before dabbling. 4 Wood Pigeon were on the bank between the main pool and the river, northeast of the hide; and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker was "chacking" in the trees on the river bank.

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