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Woodside Farm Nature Reserve sighting, by Jim Steele

Posted: Friday 16th June 2017 by woodsidenr

Speckled wood butterfly at Woodside Farm Nature Reserve, Jim SteeleSpeckled wood butterfly at Woodside Farm Nature Reserve, Jim Steele

Buzzards circling dots in the blue, kestrels carrying prey, skylark singing, as was the faithful garden warbler (been singing in the same spot for over a month now). Green woodpeckers in indulating flight. Swifts hawking high overhead. Ringlet butterflies have now emerged in numbers to add to the meadow browns and large skippers. In a couple of places speckled wood butterflies chase in spirals along the hedgerows. At the wildlife garden by the barn were common blue and azure blue damselflies, and a single blue-tailed. Summer in full. Jim

Blue-tail damselfly, Jim Steele

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