This National Inclusion Week we want to celebrate the organisation we are striving for.

This National Inclusion Week we want to celebrate the organisation we are striving for.

Being involved with an organisation driving a mission you are wholeheartedly passionate about and want to address should be a positive experience. Everyone should feel valued and that their lived experiences and authentic selves are reflected and celebrated within the organisation.

This is the organisation we are striving for at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

We want this to be an integral part in the way our organisation functions. This is because we know being inclusive and collaborative in the way that we work, recognising and celebrating diversity and striving for equality and equity will propel our vision of a Derbyshire rich in wildlife beyond what can be imagined.

We know the benefits of the natural world and the integral part it can play in everyone’s life. Our rewilding work shows that when boundaries are removed nature thrives, the same is true for people. We should be just as ambitious and determined in connecting everyone with nature as rewards are limitless for both people and nature.

In this recognition, we have reflected. We have reflected on the lengths we still have to go to achieve this ambition. We have started work to move us forward, we recognise that the small shifts that are turning into small changes need to be amplified. In doing so we need to make them become our everyday reality, bringing them into the organisation and to the people and networks we work with and beyond.

What have we done so far?

  • We have secured funding for a number of projects to work with under-represented groups across our county.
  • We work closely with a number of volunteer organisations who support people facing homelessness, domestic abuse, and drug and alcohol misuse.
  • We have set up an internal network to champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion throughout the organisation.
  • Team Wilder has begun to connect new audiences to our work.
  • We are continuously seeking to and will continue to deliver the right training to our people to drive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • We are actively working to address barriers to employment within our sector.

We do this work in the knowledge that as a whole sector we need to strive to reflect and celebrate the communities we work within. We know that not everyone has come across a sense of belonging within our work, so we work with groups who are often excluded or overlooked by our sector to nurture stronger relationships and understand how we can change and improve.

This is just the start. We still have a very long way to travel on this journey, but we are committed to ensuring that more people have access to and benefit from nature and that our people feel included and valued at work. In this journey we have a lot of learning to do which we will not shy away from.

We actively welcome ideas and thoughts from across our networks and communities about our journey. Please do get in contact with Flavia via

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(C) Mark Hamblin/2020VISION