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Drakelow by Thomas Cockburn

Posted: Sunday 4th February 2018 by Drakelow

DRAKELOW NATURE RESERVE; W/E 4th February. With more rain through the week there has been no diminishing of water levels. Part of the Strip is now under water. There have been two reported visits since the last blog. Cormorant nests now number some 28 that birds are showing an interest in but Herons remain at 17. Across the water Little Grebes numbered five and the sole Great Crested Grebe is still present. A count of the wildfowl on the 4th gave seven Mute Swans, 61 Canada’s, a Greylag Goose and two Egyptian Geese. Ducks counted were 59 Teal, 56 Gadwall, 22 Shoveler, 16 Wigeon, four Pochard, 71 Tufted Duck, four Goldeneyes, seven Goosander, Long-tailed Duck and Hooded Merganser. A Water Rail was by the GFH and the Coots had increased to 43. Ten Snipe and Two Oystercatchers were the only two waders and a Sparrowhawk was the sole raptor. Only three species of gulls were noted with 40 B.H. Gulls, two Lesser Black-.backed Gulls and a G.B.B.Gull on view. Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker were seen with the former yaffling in several areas. Singing birds included Wren, Dunnock, Song Thrush, Great Tit, Goldcrest and Nuthatch. A male Stonechat was seen just short of the CP. Two Ravens were calling as they overflew the reserve. WARNING: THE FLOOD POOL HAS DEEPENED OVER THE LAST WEEK AND VISITORS ARE ADVISED TO TAKE EXTREME CARE IF VENTURING THROUGH THE WATER OR STAY AWAY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. With thanks to AG, MB, PU and MD-S.

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