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Drakelow sighting by Thomas Cockburn

Posted: Sunday 11th March 2007 by Drakelow

Drakelow Nature Reserve: Saturday 11th March 1500 – 1830. At 13C this was a very warm day for the time of year but overcast conditions prevailed with a light SE2 wind. A late start was made to accommodate a Cormorant roost count. Due to nesting activities many birds were already on site and young were again heard calling after being first reported on the 9th. The final tally was 150 birds. Most of the arrivals were of ones and twos with the largest group, of 12, arriving from the NE. Most of the duck activity was in the North Pool with some 60 Shovelers and 20 Wigeon on show. Some 60 Tufted Ducks were scattered over four pools and three Goldeneyes were on the ML. The belligerent Egyptian Goose was dominating the east end of the Strip and, late on, three Oystercatchers appeared and went immediately into a ‘piping’ display. At dusk some 60 Fieldfares descended into the top of a Poplar tree and Jackdaws were moving into the roost but were not counted. Earlier in the day a Chiffchaff and a Cetti’s Warbler were singing. Raptors included two Sparrowhawks and a Buzzard. MAMMALS: In addition to a half-dozen Rabbits on the drive a Red Fox was caught in the headlights during the outward journey.. With thanks to RW and MW.

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