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Britain’s Spiders, A Field Guide by Bee, Oxford and Smith. Published 2017 by WildGuides 2017. £24.96 from NHBS.

Posted: Thursday 29th June 2017 by Book-Reviews

Another stunning field guide from WildGuides, this volume focuses on a group that most naturalists entirely ignore….unless a particularly large or colourful specimen turns up in the house or while out looking at plants or finding a spider’s web make visible by a coating of dewdrops.

Of course there are many species in the UK which are really hard to identify in the hand, let alone from a photograph snapped while you are out on a walk. But this book should group the group sharply to our attention and give us a better than evens chance of getting close to an identification for many species that have distinctive markings or shapes.

Undoubtedly the most impressive UK spider in my opinion is the wasp spider, a species only once recorded in this county but which is gradually spreading north as the climate changes. I also like the little jumping zebra spiders which I see from time to time on walls.

Get this book and study it and become the county’s spider expert, a rile which currently is sadly vacant.

Nick Brown

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