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Gone Wild by Malcolm Smith, published by Whittles - £16.99

Posted: Friday 2nd September 2016 by Book-Reviews

Gone Wild, Malcolm Smith. Whittles - £16.99Gone Wild, Malcolm Smith. Whittles - £16.99

Subtitled ‘stories from a lifetime of travel’, this book is made up of 30 short stories about the places the author has visited across the globe.

He travels to Arabia to see the oryx, to Iceland to see eiderdown being collected and to Pembrokeshire to see grey seals.
The book lacks any photos which means that you have to make more of an effort to read it. However, the writing style is lively and the experiences the author has are certainly varied and challenging.
In one chapter, the author goes to watch driven grouse shooting so he is better informed about exactly what happens, something, he says, that those who criticise the sport have usually never done. He’s surprised by the low pay of the beaters (£35 a day, less than the minimum wage) and the extreme wealth of the shooters themselves. He implies that the ‘industry’ brings lots of money and jobs to the remoter parts of Scotland and Northern England. At the end he briefly quotes s spokesman from the league against Cruel Sports but the thrust of his argument is that it would be very difficult to find any other ‘economic’ land use for these moors.
Of course, he hasn’t heard of rewilding……

Review by Nick Brown.

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