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The Eurasian Beaver

Posted: Wednesday 15th July 2015 by Book-Reviews

The Eurasion beaver book coverThe Eurasion beaver book cover

The Eurasian Beaver by Campbell-Palmer, Gow, Needham, Jones and Rosell. Pelagic Publishing on behalf of The Mammal Society. Softback, 55 pps

This admirable little book tells you all you are ever likely to want to know about the beaver.

It is illustrated with many photos of the animal and its habitat, with maps showing its distribution and tables of the plants it eats and the signs it leaves. Despite the text being only 44 pages long, the authors cover everything you might want to know about these fascinating rodents.

Beavers are being re-introduced to Scotland and Devon but it is very unlikely that they will find their way to Derbyshire. So you will have to travel if you want to see them for yourself.

My only encounter with beavers was on holiday in Estonia. Kath and I stopped in Soomaa National Park and wandered about in the forests finding both felled trees and huge beaver lodges. One evening while walking by a stream, we were startled by the amazingly loud ‘slap’ of a beaver’s tail close to us. This loud noise warns the animal’s family of danger. It’s a remarkable and unmistakeable sound which certainly scared the life out of us! A ripple running down the stream was the closest we came to seeing one.

One thing I had never realised was that Beverley in Yorkshire gets its name from the beaver. And another; that beavers don’t eat coniferous trees though they sometimes fell them to use as lodge-building material.

Book review written by Nick Brown.

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